October 2017

Thursday Class  - Windows 10 and All that's Google
by instructor Ed Beaulac
 starts Oct 12th  1pm to 2:30pm see classroom schedule 

What’s a Widget? Episode 31
They are little apps that give you access to frequently used features of a main app. You must have the main app installed in order to get the widget

  Youtube Video  link  explaining Widgets

Google Widget -Drive Scan

Create a PDF file automatically with this Android widget. It works with Google Drive, so this must be activated by you already.
Find the widget as Drive Scan, in the D’s . To be demonstrated in class in the App of the Week segment.  
 A YouTube video link explaining use of Google Drive Widget to Scan and create PDF files.


This website is the home of the Virtual Chromebook Meetup. The Meetup is open to any computer or technology user group or anyone interested in learning about Chromebooks.
The meetings will be announced soon and will be available live on line. The meetings will be recorded and those recordings will be available on this web site
Link to website information:   http://cb4s.net/

Windows 10 advice and tips

I’m often asked where do I find information to build on my computer skills. Here is one of those resources I have signed up for their newsletter. I get a weekly email with the latest link to their blog updates. On this site, I find all sorts of help for learning and using Windows 10.

You may have updated already to this version of Windows. It’s easy to recognize the change if you did. The addition Settings >Notifications & actions has added Night Light to the action center. The Settings panel has added Projecting to this PC. So you can connect to your PC screen from your Windows phone and also use a other devices like a keyboard, or mouse.

One you might miss, because the guy is talking so fast, is how to enable Developer Options.
Beginning at 2:15 in the video
Go to Settings: Go to About Phone: Tap on the Build Number X number of times.  He says 3 times, but I think on my phone, it was 7 times. This might be different for varying versions of Android.  It only works on “Jelly bean” or later.

One trick that I didn’t hear him mention, is using the phone’s camera to test infra-red remotes that you might have that seem to not be working. 
You can, in a moderately dark room, turn on the phone’s camera and point the remote at the camera lens and watch the screen while you push any button on the remote.  The phone camera can “see” down into the infra-red spectrum and will show the light from the remote’s LED on your phone’s screen as a white dot – unless the remote really does have dead batteries or is broken.   If your phone shows the remote’s light is working, then you need to check the appliance’s IR receiver (usually a tiny tinted window or lens on the front of the appliance) to make sure something isn’t obstructing the line of sight between the appliance and where you were trying to use the remote.

Use your phone to control your Roku:
This Blog (linked below)  has links to a ROKU app for Android, iOS and Windows phones that will allow you to use them to control your ROKU.   We sometimes use app this because the phone screen is easy to see in a dark room. - Colly Lord
this App on a smartphone. You can find all the assistance you need on their site under Help.
Below is a link to a document I created.

Link to website information

This information came from the PC World's website.

Type in all-caps on a Smartphone or Apple device
Nope, there’s not a separate Caps Lock button on the stock iOS keypad, but there’s still an easy way to type in all-caps mode: just double-tap the Shift key.
Ben Patterson / IDG
Want to say it in ALL CAPS? Just double-tap the iPhone’s shift key.
When you do, the Shift button will turn bold, and you’ll see a little underline just beneath the arrow. To go back to standard typing mode, double-tap the Shift key again.

Put a website shortcut on your home screen

If there’s a site that you’re constantly visiting on your iPhone or on your Andorid, you can create an icon for the site and pin it to your home screen. Once you’ve created the icon, it will act just like a standard app icon, meaning you can tap and hold it to rearrange it on your home screen, tuck it into an app folder, or even put it into the app dock.
Ben Patterson / IDG

Does your favorite website deserve more than just a bookmark? Go ahead and pin it to your iPhone’s home screen.

Just visit a site in Safari for iOS, or Chrome for your Android. With the iPhone  tap the Action button (the square one with the upward arrow), then tap Add to Home Screen. In the Chrome site, click the 3dots, from the drop-down menu choose Add to Home screen. In both cases you’ll have a chance to rename the icon before you pin it to the home screen.