Winding down the month, we finally used the Picture App on the START screen in Windows 8.1. Using a picture photo from the PICTURES folder you will need to engage the CHARMS from the right hand edge of the screen. Otherwise, working on a picture from   ONE DRIVE , it has it’s own set of tools that will appear on the bottom of the screen. Here’s some detail  answer to this question asked in class

Q: How can I eMail a photo from the Pictures folder using the Picture App Tile on the Start screen.

A :  There are two  methods for this. The first is assuming you’re not using the photo from your One Drive account, you select a   file from the  PICTUREs  LIBRARY      . Click on that photo
  1. Choose Edit to Update or Correct it ( not necessary if you photo doesn’t need
adjustment )
  1. Get the Charms  by sliding your mouse to the Right Edge of the screen. Now choose Share
  2. You should bring up the MAIL app, and the picture will appear as an attachment. Now just fill in the eMail address and choose send ( the mail icon in the circle.

Method for choosing Picture files from One Drive.

Click on the picture to select it . This will also activate a tool bar on the bottom part of the screen.
  1. Here again choose Share. It appears in the bottom tool bar
  2. The Mail tile App will appear, just like the picture above.
Fill in the eMail address Choose to send using the circled Mail ico
Still encouraging self-learning, last week we shared some tips. This month we are studying Windows 8.1 and all it’s new features. This includes the Mail App and the People App.

Tips from Students on Windows 8.1

  1. If you’ve missed the window to your Password sign-in, ( screen saver has a rainbow )  simply hit the space bar and that screen to sign in will return
  2. Placing your cursor on any blank area in the Start  panel will bring up the Search screen.
  3. To find your Program you can easily Right Click the Windows Logo in the lower left corner. It will bring up a list of options including the Control Panel, File Explorer and even the Shut Down option
We are learning how to use Windows 8.1. One Drive is a feature of this operating system. Here’s some more information on it 
One Drive- How to use it, and Why 

Saving to OneDrive automatically 
On most PCs, OneDrive is the recommended location that appears when you save Microsoft Office files (like Word docs and Excel worksheets), PDFs, and other documents. And, if your PC has a built-in camera, you can automatically save copies of the photos you take directly to OneDrive so you’ll always have a backup. To make sure your PC is set up to save automatically, check yourOneDrive settings. 
Swipe in from the right edge of the screen, tap Settings, and then tap Change PC settings.
(If you're using a mouse, point to the lower-right corner of the screen, move the mouse pointer up, click  Settings, and then click Change PC settings.) 
For documents, tap or click OneDrive, and then turn on Save documents to OneDrive by default. 
For photos, tap or click Camera roll, and then choose Upload photos at good quality, or for higher resolution copies, choose  Upload photos at best quality. 

If you Open and Save your document on line , it becomes the product of One Drive and changes your document or file into  the new format .docx. I  made this mistake, opening and saving it on-line. My purpose was to access the file from other computers. However,  the version of Windows products I have are for Office 2003, not Office 2007
I can download a version to View my file. But to further edit it, now that I have changed it in the Cloud, I would have to have  Office 7.
To get around the problem, I simply made a new copy of the document ( Copy and Paste ) saved it with Office 2003. Only viewed it on –line , without editing or saving it there.