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Postings for January 2018

SmartPhotography handouts from class

 Lesson 1 of 3. The basics that can be done with your smartphone camera.
Basic features and usages with your Smartphone Camera

Lesson 2 of 3. The basics that can be done with your smartphone camera
How to edit, find and store your pictures. What occurs with your photo when you use other Apps. 
Storing, Editing and finding your images

 Lesson 3 of 3. Using Google Photos as a backup. And how to use Google Assistant with your photos
Using Google Assistant

  Smart Mobile Phone Solutions
Here's a great website resource to finding answers to many questions you have about your smartphone. There are lots of free advice websites that will be listed soon on a Blog  Page devoted just to Mobile devices.

 Beginners Lesson on how to start using a SmartPhone of Tablet
The link below covers; New , or Factory Reset  Sim Card activation, What Essentials are needed before using the phone for the first time

 A Youtube Video on this document


Beginners Lesson on Organizing the Home Page. Also a Quick Tip on Googles Photo automatic editing

YouTube Video on Organizing the Home Page on an Android Phone

An Illustration how to change a battery or Microchip card on a Samsung Phone


Mounting a Micro SD Card for Android Phones

  1. Insert the Micro SD card into the SD card slot on your Android device. Make sure your phone is turned off and charged before you insert the card. Do this slowly, and until you hear a "clicking" noise. Refer to your device manual or contact the manufacturer if you need additional support with accessing the SD card slot on your device.[1]
  2. Power on your Android device. Press the button near the bottom of your phone. If your phone is not turning on properly, it is probably not charged enough. Plug your phone into the wall charger for fifteen minutes and try again. 
  3. Tap on “Settings” from the main menu. This "Settings" symbol is represented by what looks like a gear. After you click on the gear, you will be transferred to a different screen. On that new screen, click "SD and Phone Storage.
  4. Click on "Reformat." This will reformat your phone, and prepare it for mounting a new SD card. This should only take a few seconds. If it takes any longer than that, restart your phone in order to get the reformatting process correct.
  5. Choose “Mount SD Card" when reformatting has been completed. Your device will mount your SD card and make the card available for use. If “Mount SD card” is not an available option, tap on “Unmount SD card,” wait for the card to unmount, then tap on “Mount SD card” to verify that the card is properly mounted. This step may also correct any system problems your Android may have been experiencing that could have prevented the SD card from mounting properl

Mounting an SD Card for Galaxy Phones

  1. Insert your SD card into the SD slot. This is usually located on the left side of the phone. Slowly insert it until you hear a "clicking" noise. Make sure that your phone is fully charged before you begin this process. Refer to your device manual or contact the manufacturer if you need additional support with accessing the SD card slot on your device.
  2. Turn your phone on. Press the button at the bottom of the phone. If your phone does not turn on, it is likely that it is out of power. Plug it into the wall charger for fifteen minutes and try again........read More

Postings for December

This link is a printable document on using Snapseed to edit photos on a smartBe phone or Apple product. In addition there 's information on how to change dates on a photo. You would use this technique to reset the origination date to photos you 've scanned or snapped an old photo with your smartphone camera. 


Postings for November

Using SafeMode in Windows 10

Safe mode is handled differently in Windows 10. Together we discovered just how different. Basically , you need to use the Update & Security  panel through a few steps to actually get to Safemode. The old way , shutting down the system and holding down the keys to bring the desktop to Safemode doesn't work anymore.

Select Start ,  choose Settings 
Select Update & Security > Recovery
Under Advance startup select Restart now 
 After PC restarts to the Choose an option screen, select Troubleshoot> Advanced options > Startup Settings> Restart
  After your PC restarts, select a startup setting by pressing the corresponding number 

Postings for October

Windows 10 Anniversary Study

  • Ten New Tricks of the Windows 10 Anniversary Update you Must Try. 
  • Twelve obscure new Windows features that eliminate everyday hassles
This link will get you to this recorded presentation by Hewie Poplock. The portion on Windows 10 Anniversary featrues begins at  the point of 20 min into the YouTube video


Here's a link to the Study we did in class for Thursday's Beyond Basics class

SMART PHONE STUDY  - link for smartphone handout

Below is a link to several videos on Smart phone usage and one that includes a discussion on different types of Smart Phones. It's titled Is It Time for a New Smart Phone.

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