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Computer Users' Group of Redding Site meets the 4th Tuesday of the month at the Redding Library in the Community Conference room at 3pm to 5pm.  Check the link below to know what's being discussed and the meeting dates 

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ICECREAM SOCIAL has been moved to   JUN 28th  FOR ALL MEMEBERS. Same place the Redding Library Community room at 3pm-4pm.

May Meeting Notes

We covered a lot of ground this time. The topic was Windows 10 and how to find help with the basic usage of this OS. Jane Quinn post on the site links to sites with this exact information, how to use the basic features of Windows 10. It will remain on this blog site” until September
If you have questions or wish to find out a specific feature of Windows 10 , contact her through eMail , text or phone. She will also answer questions addressed to


MEMBER Fred Skills said he watches the BBC series called Coupling. It’s a spoof on the famous comedy series FRIENDS. I watched it, I found it to be hilarious.


This was suggested by Betsy McCarvelle and Colly Lord. It is a method to have your Kindle books read aloud by ALEXA. I have a Samsung Tablet that I hardly use. So with this idea, I installed ALEXA on it and asked ALEXA to read my book on the Kindle App. Viola. It did it, and the book is not an audio type of book. I got through 3 chapters while doing household activities. It is fantastic.
Here’s more information on how to handle ALEXA with book reading from Colly Lord
Both  the Amazon Echo Dot and the Google Home Mini work the same when linked from my Android phone with bluetooth to be
utilized as speakers,

As bluetooth speakers, they can both send Pause/Resume commands to the Android phone that is busy playing a Kindle ebook with Audible

Narration.  That is, I can say:

"Alexa, Pause"
"Alexa, Resume"
to stop and start the phone that is playing the Kindle/Audible
combination in Immersion mode.

The Google Home Mini (Google's answer to the Amazon Echo Dot) uses the same Pause/Resume commands, i.e. -
"OK Google, Pause"
"OK Google, Resume"

Both speakers sound WAAAAY better than my phone!

There does seem to be something in the phone that, if left "Paused" too long, causes it to quit listening for the "Resume" command from either device.  If that happens, playback can be restarted by simply touching the play arrow on the phone's Kindle player that was paused. Once it starts playing on the Echo Dot or Home Mini, the Pause/Resume voice commands work again.

Note, you can only connect one of the devices as a speaker to the phone, not both at once.  That's a normal bluetooth limitation.

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