December 2017

Tuesday Class Computing For Seniors  by Jane Quinn will have it's last day                          Dec 12th is the last class until Jan th 2018

Thursday Windows 10 and Anything Google by Ed Beaulac will return 
in 2018 Date To Be Announce. Please send an eMail if you'd like a topic addressed to

Google Trips

 Windows Window's 10 Creator update

The Thursday class is studying the enhancements from Windows 10 update. There are many useful and improved tools to work with other devices. I was curious how difficult it would be to pair my laptop with my Bluetooth headset after learning this feature is one of the updates. I have been using my LG  phone headset to pair to my smartphone to listen to radio stations and my music. But never thought to attempt to connect my headset to my computer.
I found it is simple. If I chose to listen to music with my headset   while working on my computer I can.  With the Groove Music App I can listen to all my music.   
To make this work, from Action Center >All Settings> Bluetooth and other devices.  Click the + plus symbol to Add Blue Tooth device. Make sure your device is on and discoverable.
Once you have connected to your Bluetooth device, you can use Music Groove or  File Explorer to play your music.   Here is an example of playing music from File Explorer. Once you choose the music by highlighting it, right click anywhere in that frame to select Cast to device.