July  Classroom Activity

Safari Browser   

Before leaving for a summer break we tuned our attention to the iPad. Together with Barbara Benefields help (  our resident instructor on Apple products  ) we studied the browser called Safari in the iPad
What we wanted to learn was how to handle Favorites, Create Bookmarks, and control the number of websites left open by our browsing on the internet
To Make a BookMark
 First create the Folder before you make the bookmark .   

Go to the website that you’d like to have as a bookmark 
Next select square with up arrow. A toolbar appears with lots of choices. You and scroll to the right  to see all the options, as well as clicking on the 3dots that appear to see even more choices. For now, scroll till you see Bookmark. Select Choose Location. Point to you new folder, than choose Save.  

BookMark Panel appears when you click the Book Icon in Safari
To Rename or correct the spelling of  BookMarks.
Choose edit to correct name of folder
, etc

To make full page hit the bookmark icon. It will then turn off the left hand edge and return you to full page of the website.


Favorites appear as an additioinal line above the website full page. If you want  your BookMarks   to appear here just add them to your Favorites.     
To remove bookmarks or other saved websites from your Favorites, simply click on the Favorites listed in the BookMarks. You will see this screen with the red dots. Click on the red dot to remove that reference in your  Favorites.

Control the Number of Open sessions on your browser.

There are several methods to this. The easiest is to click on the Double Squares in the upper right corner. It's a toggle switch, clicking once changes the screen to have each website appear seperately as small images.
Click the X in the ones you wish to close.
Or , Goto your Settings. Select Safari. From the list of choices scroll down to Clear History and Data. 

Add Website Home Screen

Lastly, if you want the website to appear on your Home Screen ( along with your Apps ) simply click on Add to Home Screen and click on Done. ( most important to use the Done, or Save option when they appear ) . This will automatically add itself to the last home screen on your device. To relocate it to a different Simply click and hold till all icons start wiggling, then drag it to the edge of the screen until it arrives in the spot you want. Let go, and click the Home button to exit moving App icons around.