March Classroom Activity

Posted from a member Who Found A Local Vendor to Fix her Laptop , Patti Carlisle

Class On Windows explorer OS7

 I had a lot of problems with my computer so after shopping at Target I noticed a computer repair right next door. "NERDS ON CALL", told them what was going on and was assured that they could fix it and I wouldn't have to download all my programs or lose my pic's.The cost would be $229. 2 days later I had a working computer with Spybot, Microsoft Essentials and a guarantee for anything that may go wrong for 3 mo. I am happy with the way it is working and hopefully will not have to call them.

Posted from  a member  on iPad Free Video Software, Marlene Robinson

Storehouse app is for story telling. Pictures and videos can be arranged as well as a narrative. This can be used in e-mail and various other social media. This is a quick way to share pictures as well as the story behind them. The app is for iPad and iPhone. Look into google+ stories and auto awesome. Store telling for Android devices. For both story telling programs go to You Tube for how-to make stories.

A valuable resource for Seniors is this Post from member Fred Skills 
 Click here for Tips and Tricks on Tablets. Plus suggestions for Widgets for your device.


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Month of March 2015

An Ipad Fix for unable to send or receive Mail from an account “

I was unable to send messages from my iPad after adding a new Mail account on my device. The message said “the recipient was rejected by the server because it does not allow relaying. “The fi x came from user wjosten, who I found through forums on the internet. The solution was to TURN ON the Server for that SMTP setting “He suggested to Go into Settings>Mail, Contacts>your account>Outgoing mail Server SMTP>Primary Server then turn Server ON and fi ll in both User Name + Password under Outgoing Mail Server.”  

ITunes Music Tip

If you’re  like to exercise to music ITunes has a genre that will satisfy  your quests to find music that fits your routine, It’s called Tabata. Type this in the search field and you will discover a list of music designed for your specific workout.  The categories are ; running, walking, gym weights, etc