June 2016 News

This class is taught by a Member from the Computer User’s group of Redding  http://cugr.apcug.org.  

June 16th   and Luncheon @Round Table Pizza 11:30 before class at the Anderson Round Table Club House location Address: 2808 McMurry Dr, Anderson, CA 96007
Join Us! Beyond Basics Thursday Class Schedule 1-3pm

We Are on Summer Break

However, you can reach me through eMail to one4cugr@gmail.com for PC and device help including Smart Phones. If you live close to the Sr Center and are able to get there we can meet.

I will exchange phone numbers with those want to meet with me over the summer. I’m on vacation from June 22nd to July 5th.   

Sample of  class Thursday June 2nd. This recording during class. 
This copy is an example of what you would see and hear if you use the Zoom invite to the class.


Dialogue on usig the Photo App of Windows 10 


 In the month of April we had a mix of studies.  Some with using the new method of handling photos with Google, and a mix of Windows 10 controls.

Tips and Insights to Window 10, iPads and Android phones

How Do You Delete Cache In Safari for the iPad??
Your iPad's cache is temporary storage space on your device where recently viewed Web pages are held. Cache allows Safari to quickly load a previously visited page without having to reload the entire page and its images from the Web server on subsequent visits. You may have the desire to delete your iPad's stored cache for a variety of reasons. This tutorial will show you how to accomplish that feat in a few easy steps
Your iPad Settings menu should now be displayed. Select the option labeled Safari Safari's Settings should now be displayed on your iPad. To continue deleting the browser's cache, select the option labeled Clear Cache.

Why Do you Need a Microsoft id for Windows 10?

You need a Microsoft account to use the OneDrive folder that stores your files in the Cloud ,  to use Crotana the speaking search feature and to use OneNote a word processor. The Microsoft account will be either, MSN. Hotmail or an Outlook account. Each you create with a password and name.

How Did the Search Box Get Hidden In Windows10 ?


 There  is a possibility to accidentally  hide the Search Box when dealing with Cortana in  Windows 10. The search box is combined with the functions of Cortana, the assistant. So it is easy to have made the search box disappear while  refusing to use Cortana. .To fix the problem, simply click in a blank spot on the task bar ( between icons) , to get a pop-up task list. From the list choose Cortana. You will see options for the Search Box. Select the option to use it.


How Can You Group the menu in Windows 10?
When you first start-up Windows 10 there are already some groups that Microsoft starts you off with. You can keep these as-is, edit the name, change the apps, re-order the groups, or delete them entirely. It's up to you.
Let's start with moving our groups around. Click Start and then hover over a group title bar such as "Life at a glance." To the right of the group title you'll see an icon that looks like an equals sign.
If you want to change the name of your app group, click on the title. Click on that and then drag to move the group to a new spot in the Start menu. You can really click anywhere on the title bar to move it, but I prefer to focus on the icon on the right since it's an easy way to understand what I'm doing.  When you do that part of the title bar will turn into a text entry box. Delete what's in there by hitting Backspace, type in your new title, hit Enter, and you're done you want to change the name of your app group, click on the title.

How Do You Create a Group on the Start Menu Windows 10?
The easiest method to creating a new group is to first add an App or a Website choice to the start menu. It will appear at the bottom of the Start tiles. Once here, as a new component you simply click on the “down arrow “ which let’s you name this new group. In the Edge Browser, it’s easy to create a new tile. Go to the website you wish to add as a tile , click on the 3dots, choose Pin this Page to Start.
This is so helpful if you wish to jump to a website each day and not be bothered with logging into a browser and finding your web browser’s home page.
To remove a group you have to remove every app inside it and then it will delete automatically.
Here’s a site with more information on this subject.

This site has a 8 ways to customize your Start menu

Create A Tile For The Homescreen Using Safari

The same task can be done in Safari on an Apple product. First open a window in the Safari browser. Click on the icon that access the toolbar extension for printing. Scroll to the right from the list of options to the Add To Home Screen appears. Choose this icon, respond Yes to add the icon to your home screen.

Why Doesn’t the Action Center Appear?

If this does occur, simply type in the search box,   Turn system icons on or off. And you will see a setting for Action Center. It should be turned on . It can also be reached by selecting Control Panel >System>Notification and Actions>Turn System icons on or off

  How Can You Change the Start Menu to Show Most Used Apps?

Get started by clicking Start > Settings > Personalization > Start.
Here, you'll see a bunch of sliders to turn features on or off. At the top is an option to show more tiles on the right side of the Start menu. If you can't get enough of the live tiles feel free to turn that on.
The next option down says Show most used apps. This controls the "Most used" section at the top of the Start menu. You can't really control what appears in "Most used". All you can do is decide whether to turn it on or off. The same goes for the next option called "Show recently added apps." Similar to the previous slider, this controls the "Recently added" section of the Start menu. Personally, I am not a fan of this option. I know what I've recently installed on my PC and don't need a section to remind me. Other people I know appreciate the section and find it very convenient

  Here's How To Organize The Live Tiles Section Of The Windows 10

To Set You Homepage In the Microsoft Edge Browser?

With Microsoft's new Edge browser for Windows 10, not only can you set your homepage so your favorite site is waiting for you when you launch the program, you can also specify as many other Web pages to open as you want. Here's how to set it up.
1. Open Edge.
2. Tap the three-dot menu button on the top right.
3. Select Settings.
4. Check the box for A Specific Page Or Pages under the Open With section. A drop down menu will appear. Enter the page or pages you want Edge to Open when you click on IE. You can either copy and paste that text into this area, or type it out. 
Using EDGE