March 2016 News

This class is taught by a Member from the Computer User’s group of Redding  

  Beyond Basics Thursday Class Schedule 1-3pm  : Mar 10th  and Luncheon @Round Table Pizza 11:30 before class at the Anderson Round Table Club House location Address: 2808 McMurry Dr, Anderson, CA 96007
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Our March 10th,   classroom study will be on editing Photos using Samsung tablets, and iPads with Google Apps and more. Example; Snapseed for the iPad

Handout for Thursday Mar 10th Studying

Notes from the Beyond Basics Thursday Class

March 2016  

  Editing and Storing Photos

In the month of February our guest speaker, Frank Tona from Crown Camera     gave his presentation on handling photos. And some of his  insight into the future of camera’s and photography. His message was for us to backup or memories/photos in several different devices. And ensure you don’t store them in the same location. As an example; if you house caught fire, are you photos in the Cloud, another building, in bank safe?  Today you can utilize the Cloud in many different forms. To mention just a few, starting with Crown Camera who offer free cloud storage, Drop – Box, Google Drive, iCloud storage , Flickr, Photo-Bucket, and so forth. The devices can be a USB ( the latest ones are even as large as 64GB  ) , external hard drive, and even DVD discs.

The remainder of the session was all about creating slideshows or movies from your files. Here’s an example :

Frank made a recommendation to us to follow Moose Peterson , wild life  photographer for tips and camera information.

Google+  Profile and advantages of Plus

We studied Google+. It is a similar social media tool like Facebook, but with some twists. For example , a Google + Community is a great tool  to  start conversations around specific projects, interests, or particular groups. For example, you might start a Community for your expanded work group, a class project, a charity drive within your organization, or a joint initiative between your company and outside contributor.
A Community can be managed by more than one person. For example,  a co-worker can also manage the Community with you. Or you can redirect the responsibility to another user.

Here's a link to classroom handout on  Google+

  Google+ Collections

Link to Help on Collections for Google Plus

What are ‘Collections’?  Collections are, well, collections of posts on any subject you choose.They are like virtual, interactive magazines.
These can be your passions, niches, or focus of content you publish on Google+
Collections will help you have conversations about your favorite things, with the right people.
For some people, they will enter Collections to find content on your passions, brought together in one place. For others they will find niche content collected by people they follow.
Collections make it simpler to share the content you love, with the people who’ll love it.

Build Collections

A  Collection can be a mix of documents, photos, links  even videos.  Any Profile or  Page on Google+ can create a Collection.
Simply click on the collections icon on the side bar, or on the selections tab on your profile. Then click the + sign:

You control the privacy of your collection. It can be just to your circle of friends Public, just the same as you would in Facebook.  People can leave comments and create a dialogue similar to a blog. You can share collections with Communities as well as groups of people.  Your Collection can be included in your Community.

Feb 2016 News

cember  Blogging  News
 This class is taught by a Member from the Computer User’s group of Redding  

  Beyond Basics Thursday Class Schedule 1-3pm  : Feb 11th    and Luncheon @Round Table Pizza 11:30 before class at the Anderson Round Table Club House location Address: 2808 McMurry Dr, Anderson, CA 96007
We will have a guest speaker from Crown Camera , Frank Tona 

This Thursday Beyond Basics class is taught by a Jane  Quinn Member from the Computer User’s group of Redding

Below are questions I have received this past month through eMail and Thursday’s classroom activity.
Q: I have a brand new laptop that has a screen that just won’t go away. And I can’t get past it.
A: It is unfortunate that some companies put these Apps on new computers. The most recent problem I helped solve, we followed the prompts on the Screen that wouldn’t go away. It was a program similar to MacAfee or PC Matic. The messages lead us to believe it was going to find and correct the several hundred errors it discovered. This is a scam. It really is just a horrible trick to try and make you think there is something wrong with your brand new PC. When we finally came to the “end”, we had an option to just Quit.
Similarly, when we got onto the internet for the first time , a pop-up appeared alerting us that our internet session was in jeopardy.  And our “new computer “  was at risk of serious harm. Another Scam! Don’t be fooled into responding to any messages. Using  Google Chrome , so worked  quickly  download anti virus software . We chose “ Avast Free Anti virus  for Windows 10“.  It protects your PC and your internet sessions. We also downloaded CCleaner  

Q: How can you print just certain pages? I received a large document to print. But I don’t need every page.


If you want to print certain pages of a document ,  and not the entire thing you can. Also, you can choose not to print it in color.
When you click on Print Icon, you will see this screen. Note all the controls are on the left edge

Destination is the first choice; choose what printer you are using.
Next select what pages you want to print. The default is All , however if you want to print  ( an example appears on the screen) page 8 and 9. Enter on the screen, 8-9. If you want a mix of pages for example, this would print some in sequence along with other choices.
Type 8-9,11,15,17,20-21 .
You are not always stuck printing what you don’t want.

Q: Is there another website for learning about Windows 10 besides Microsoft’s ?
A: Although this link does have a lot of good information
another resource is Ten Forums. This site works best if you create a profile. If you don’t create a profile, it works really slow and jerky.