February 2017

This class is taught by a Member from the Computer User’s group of Redding  

 newComputing for Seniors Tuesdays

Classes by Instructor  Jane Quinn  Tuesday at 12:30pm – 2pm.   It will be held on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Tuesday of every month at 12:30pm.
The class material will cover usage and the basics for Smartphones, Tablets, iPads , iPhones , as well as Laptop to transfer data from you devices to it.  The first lesson will be on terminology and resources for self-help. A list of topics for class discussion are on this Blog site on the Smartphone and Tablets section.

Send an email to one4cugr@gmail.com if you have questions about the class or something you’d like solved

New Windows 10 and Google 6 week class beginning Feb 16th
Taught by Ed Beaulac. It’s an open forum on Google and Windows 10. So bring your questions or eMail them to one4cugr@gmail.com
sample of Tablet with Windows 10 
Windows 10 March 23rd Thursday 1pm – 3pm Instructor Jane Quinn

·        Find the Control Settings
·        How to Use the Start tiles, the taskbar, and change the appearance of your desktop
·        How to use File Explorer
·        How to setup Accounts
·        How to Use the Photo App
·        How windows 10 works with your Smartphone or other devices.
·        Add Apps or remove them
·       One Drive on an iPhone

Windows 10 on a tablet

 This student needed an APP that would convert his MP4 video that was transferred to this tablet from his smartphone. He wanted to add titles and captions to the movie made with the smartphone.

Waking up your computer from Sleep mode 

Windows 10 offers a number of features to keep your computer and data secure. One way the operating system protects your device from unauthorized access is by keeping it locked on certain events, including when waking up from sleep.

Comment : After time in this classroom I found if you use a number password to wakeup your computer, it’s quite fast. And you remain safe from violators. Also if you use the power schemes and set the Sleep mode to a good length of time that will also help you to be productive.  Below is a link on how to handle this setting.


Make a Book from your Blog

If you 'd like to create a book from a blog, you can. This company makes it really easy to take your entries from any blog source and create a book. The uses are many. For example, create a memory year book from your blog activity. Here's that link 


FACEBOOK  Question: How can I save a recipe I find posted on FB?

Recipes come in so many different formats on facebook. I love the quick video ones!
If you see the text for a recipe, probably the best thing to do is to drag across all the text, right click and Copy. Then open Word, or Wordpad, or anywhere you can paste text. Paste it, then use that software’s File-Print command.
Did you know you can also save a recipe post so you can find it easily later? ON each post, you will see a little v down arrow at the upper right of the recipe post. Click that, then “Save Link” That puts it in a special ‘saved items’ area in your Facebook. Here is the place in our What Does This Button Do show where we demonstrated that

 Google Account Security 

Turn On Two step account verification. Goto Google Account, login , click on my account. Signin and security. Add a phone that can receive text messages.
So if a bad actor tries to get into my account, a text message is sent to your phone. So they are unable to get into your account.

The text message with verification code is sent to your phone.

We solved many problems. And thanks for students willing to help  “we” discovered ALL our devices have a General SETTINGS icon that will lead us all to solutions. 

The MESSAGING APP was discussed and used in the work session. The iPhone, iPad and all the Androids in the room  used the same MESSAGING APP.

One student had not cleaned up his old messages and thus couldn’t receive any more voice messages. He was using a Samsung S4 mobile -T phone. He was only able to delete one message at a time. He had to remove several going back a couple of years. This answer doesn’t address his problem now, however, you can set your limit of phone messages to receive so you will avoid exceeding your limit.

 I found through reading the on-line manual ( see the smartphone tab section on  this blog ) the answer is to configure the settings first.
Here are those steps.
Messaging Settings To configure the settings for text messages, multimedia messages, Voice mails, and Push messages. 1. From the Home screen, tap . 2. Press and then tap Settings. The following Messaging settings are available: General settings • Delete old messages: deletes old messages when the limit is reached, rather than overwriting them. • Text message limit: allows you to set a limit on how many text messages are allowed in one conversation

Webpage menu selection on the iphone or Android
 The menu appears on the bottom. When you make a menu choice
your selection is sent to the bottom of the webpage

The newest version of IOS will match your text words that relate to the Emoji. If you type the word dog, that word will be highlighted in color to indicate it has an emoji to match that word.
Two Fingers and spread them, to pick an emoji
Using the APP Hangout, the emoji’s are in a list when you strike the icon to show them.

Apple ID
Find you APPLEID using the iTunes App go into Settings and you will see you APPLE id. But you will need to know your password

You can use the earbuds to take a picture. On the Android you can use voice control to take a picture. Some smartphones, will let you add voice control and choose a “word” to activate the camera shot.

Save a Photo from a Text message
On the Android, you can use Hangout App for texting. Saving that picture
  1. Make sure the picture is the only thing on the screen
  2. Tap again. Find the 3dots , then choose save.
  3. It is in the GALLERY. In google photos you need to tap on the controls to set which devices to look for the photos.

January news 2017

This class is taught by a Member from the Computer User’s group of Redding  http://cugr.apcug.org.  
Changes in the New Year for the Thursday Beyond Basics class
The Beyond Basics class will end January 19th and a new Thursday class will be offered on Windows 10.  It will occur only on the 4th Thursday of each month beginning January 26th   

Classes by Instructor  Jane Quinn  Start January  10th Tuesday at 12:30pm . It's new class ; Computing for Seniors. It will be held on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Tuesday of every month at 12:30pm.
The class material will cover usage and the basics for Smartphones, Tablets, iPads , iPhones , as well as Laptops .  The first lesson will be on terminology and resources for self-help. The 2nd week we will cover how to setup a smartphone for the first time. The 3rd week we will Connect the phone to a computer, Change the USB settings to photo transfer, Use Import command from a Photo App
And any questions brought by students. Tablets, and smartphones have similar if not identical solutions. So bring your new device and learn in class with others.
On the 4th Tuesday at 3pm - 5pm we will meet at the Redding Library in the Community Room 1100 Park Ave . 
This meeting is Open to the Public to join us , the Computer User's Group of Redding. ( facebook Group as CUGRmembers and FB Computer User's Group of Redding )
Tuesday dates at the Redding Library ; Jan 24th 3pm,  Feb 28 3pm,  Mar 28 th 3pm ,  Apr 25 3pm 

Send an email to one4cugr@gmail.com if you have questions about the class or something you’d like solved

Below is an example of what you can learn in the Tuesday class. This is a part of the Contact App  that exists on all smartphones.
How to make Speed dial work for a smartphone.
Make a speed­dial shortcut for someone you call frequently. 
This could be very important to set up for someone who is using a smartphone for the first time. It makes it super easy to call that one most important person! You should mark as “Favorites” all frequently used contacts. To do that, just open your contacts, tap “Favorites” at the top of the screen, then the + to add contacts to this Favorites screen. Even better, you can make a “widget” to make a one­tap shortcut to call someone. On this Samsung, the way to get to Widgets is to Long­Press on a blank area of the home screen. You should see an option button for Widgets, tap that and you get to a long list of possible widgets. Find the widget for Contacts and tap it, long press the button for “Direct Dial” then you will be presented with your list of contacts, select the one to be dialed. You should now see a button on your home screen for phone­calling that one person.

The  Windows 10 class  we will address everything you’d want to know about Windows 10.

4th Thursday beginning Jan 26th 1pm
·        Find the Control Settings
·        How to Use the Start tiles , the taskbar, and change the appearance of your desktop
·        How to use File Explorer
·        How to setup Accounts
·        How to Use the Photo App
·        How windows 10 works with your Smartphone or other devices.
·        Add Apps or remove them

 Here are some other tidbits from other sources;

How Does a Dashcam Work?
If the dashcam is running all the time, how does it store all that video? Does it use the Internet? No – you do not need an Internet connection, everything is handled directly by the phone or tablet. The video is stored on a loop. It’s recording all the time, but when it reaches the specified time limit, it starts deleting the beginning of the recording. Any time you want to keep a portion, just tap the screen to save and a specified amount of video, or still frames, will be stored in a separate file. If you’re in an accident, the accelerometer in the device alerts the app and it automatically saves that segment.
Some dashcams are now calling themselves “Black Boxes” because they can record not only the video out your windshield, but also audio, and diagnostic information from an OBD – On Board Diagnostic – device.  
  CaroO is another one that makes this claim.  
·        Platforms: Android
·        Cost: Free

Phishing – Not Hacking – Caused Leak
The recent release of so many hacked emails was a result of “spear-phishing,” a target phishing mail sent to marked individuals, 2 of whom were John Podesta, head of Hillary Clinton’s campaign & Colin Powell. Spear-phishing is an e-mail spoofing fraud attempt that targets a specific organization or person, seeking unauthorized access to confidential data.
The target gets a “security alert” from what looks like Google. “Someone has your password,” it says at the top, in a do-not-ignore-this red banner warning that someone has just tried to sign into your Google account.
The message provides realistic-looking details: the date the password was used, the IP address of the supposed culprit and a source location from which the account was accessed.
“Google stopped this sign-in attempt,” it reassures you, “but you should change your password.” Of course, there’s a button to do just that. “Change password,” the text reads, over a reassuring safety-blue background.
Most of us would click the button. That is what the 2 targets, Podesta & Powell did. It was that simple. That is why you need to be very careful on what you click within an email, even from those who you trust. Always try to look where the link takes you if you know how. Otherwise, go you the account in question directly, instead of through a link in your email. The bad guys in this situation used a shortened link (bit.ly) and forgot to make it private. Investigators could see that the Podesta link only had 2 clicks, both Podesta. It was definitely targeted.
To protect yourself from spear-phishing or phishing, try these tips. 1. Pick a strong password for your accounts and use different passwords for each account. 2. Use 2-factor authentication whenever you can. 3. Consider using security software that blocks malware in addition to blocking viruses.