May 2017

May 2017

This class is taught by a Member from the Computer User’s group of Redding  
Check our Classroom schedule. Summer is approaching and for me even sooner. I won’t have any Tuesday classes in June. But will return in July.

Did You Know??

Windows 10 version 1507 will no longer receive security updates

After May 9, 2017, Windows 10 devices running version 1507 will no longer receive security and quality updates. Microsoft recommends updating devices to the latest version of Windows 10 by visiting the Software Download site and selecting Update now to manually update your device. For additional info, check out the Windows lifecycle fact sheet.

How do I know which version of Windows 10 I'm running?

In the search box on the taskbar, type winver and then press Enter. This opens the About Windows dialog box, where you'll see the version of Windows 10 that's running on your device.

Discovered Useful Apps for Androids
Google’s Android operating system recently beat Microsoft Windows to become the world’s most popular OS. It’s no wonder then that developers are clamouring to make new apps for the platform. This year hasn’t even reached its halfway mark, and we already have some amazing new tools out there.
One of the good things about Android compared to Apple’s iOS is that most apps are free, and you can choose to pay to remove ads. Of course, you can always try a paid app in this list and get a refund from the Play Store if you don’t like it. But it’s nice to avoid that hassle.