November 2016

This class is taught by a Member from the Computer User’s group of Redding  

The Thursday group meets for lunch every 2nd Thursday before class at 11:30. November 10th we will meet at The Round Table  in Anderson on McMurry Drive

New Class KayCee Smith will be offering classes on the 3rd Friday of the month. You can request a topic for her to cover by sending your request to, or getting on her student list with your email contact information

November 17th – All about eMailing and email programs. Bring your questions and your devices.

November 2016     

Using SafeMode in Windows 10

Safe mode is handled differently in Windows 10. If you're experiencing startup issues or slow sluggish responses you should consider using CCleaner in Safemode. In the olden says jumping into Safemode was easy, on the startup of your computer hold down a Function key and you landed in SAFEMODE. Not any more.  
Together we discovered just how different. Basically , you need to use the Update & Security  panel through a few steps to actually get to Safemode. The old way , shutting down the system and holding down the keys to bring the desktop to Safemode doesn't work anymore.
Select Start ,  choose Settings 
Select Update & Security > Recovery
Under Advance startup select Restart now 
 After PC restarts to the Choose an option screen, select Troubleshoot> Advanced options > Startup Settings> Restart
  After your PC restarts, select a startup setting by pressing the corresponding number 

This is also saved in a document in the HandOuts page on this site.

Use SNAPSEED APP to add TEXT and more Filters


Blue Tooth Small Great Speaker for $$ from Amazon

DKnight MagicBox II Bluetooth 4.0 Portable Wireless speaker, 10W Output Power with Enhanced Bass, build in Microphone for handfree phone call (Blue)

MagicBox II Wireless Speaker by DKnight
Vance Pierce enjoying and thinking of buying this great little speaker

Find a DVD player for Windows
Now that we have moved to Windows 10, we have discovered we are  missing software that will play a DVD on our desktop.  This APP called  VLC player is free, and it will play any DVD you try to play in your desktop. Here’s the website to download it, and also
VLC Player tutorial 1 – Installation
VLC player is a popular and powerful media player for Windows and a vast number of other platforms. VLC is well loved amongst power users for its advanced media streaming capabilities and its high compatibility with a huge range of media formats. What’s more, VLC can play DVD movies for free, including copy-protected DVD discs, without any additional software.
To get started with this superb free player, first download the latest version for Windows by visiting the VLC for Windows download page. You can choose any mirror but if you intend to follow this tutorial please chose the “Windows self-extracting package” rather than the “Windows 7zip” version. Download the file to your desktop or somewhere where you can easily find it. When the download has completed, open the file (or double click it) to start the installation process.  

And here is a step by step instruction of how to do it

 Master the basics of Windows 10 on desktop and tablet with our free video tutorials

Here’s another resource for you to learn all there is about using Windows 10. The APP called Get Started comes with Windows 10. You should try using it. It will walk you all the major components of the operating system. Between using that APP , and sites like this one you will be proficient using it.

Phone Study
We will continue learning the basic on smart phones. Here are some helpful hints on what to do with your fingers, which is your mouse on a tablet or a smartphone
One finger – Like a Mouse
            Click – Tap      
            Double Click – Double Tap    
            Drag-Drag/Slide, touch hold and slide
            Right Click=Long Press, Touch and hold
            Flick or Swipe -  a quick drag
Multi-touch gestures – More than one finger
            Pinch and Zoom= aka Pinch close, Pinch open, Reverse pinch         
            2 finger swipe
            3 finger 4 finger mostly used on tablets and iPads

CCleaner for Andriods and Phones
You will need to clear the cache on your devices just as you would on your desktop. CCleaner has launched its free version for Android to help you remove all unnecessary files from your smartphone or tablet. It can uninstall other apps, and provides information on your smartphone’s usage.