September 2017

  September   2017

Streaming Music
I’ve been using Pandora paid version for years.  The best method to learning how to use Pandora is through their Help website.
But I can make recommendations after using this site for many years. I have the paid version, which eliminates the ads. I have found if I don’t like a song, just applying the Thumbs Down will minimize that type of sound from reappearing. . Don’t use the thumbs Up, because it builds a list of your favorites to start playing. It’s annoying. You have difficulty streaming your music. The last few pages are trouble-shooting this App on a smartphone. You can find all the assistance you need on their site under Help.
Below is a link to a document I created.

In and out Smart Repair – store in Redding
I just wanted to pass along this information about a service here in town. A reliable source used this service to fix her iPhone and was truly satisfied.
Sometimes, our gadgets just run into problems that we are unable to solve on our own. It’s good to know there is a place here in Redding that   have an in-store stock of repair parts for most models of the iPad and iPhone (4, 4S, 5 series, and 6). And they also stock parts for most Android phones so they can have your phone back to you as soon as possible—without waiting for parts to come in.  Below is a link to their website and contact information
Facebook recently has announced a host of updates for both mobile and desktop users. Most notably, the company is making changes to how users go about navigating the News Feed on desktop and mobile, while the Camera functionality is also gaining a handful of new features. Check it out.
In October, the Tuesday Class will feature FB tips and advice. If you want to reserve a seat just contact Personally I have used great Picture editing tools from the FB Camera App. You will be amazed what you can do in addition to adding fancy text.

How Should you be charging your smartphone??

A new report from The New York Times points out that your charging habits could be causing damage to your phone:
  • Habit #1: Charging overnight.
  • Habit #2: Frequent charging.
  • Habit #3: Using the wrong charger.
Why? As a phone charges, the lithium ions in the battery travel from one end of the phone to the other. The more these ions travel, the more wear and tear they cause on the battery, ultimately limiting the lifespan of an otherwise perfectly good battery.
Therefore, if you're using an iPad Pro charger for your iPhone, the ions travel faster since the iPad Pro charger is more powerful than that of the iPhone. Use the wrong charger overnight or all the time, you'll gradually see your battery life diminish - usually after two years.
Don't worry if you're not ready to change your charging habits just yet.
Solutions? The fix isn't guaranteed, but make sure you're using the right charger for your gadget. Charge less frequently and if you can avoid it, don't charge your phone overnight.
For example, don't use an iPad charger for an iPhone. If you can, leave it on a less powerful charger if you're going to leave it overnight.
Or, if you don't want to do anything, you can do that too. A 2015 Gallup survey cited by the Times shows that 44 percent plan to upgrade their phone within two years, which is when battery life begins to show signs of fading. If you fall into that category then you have nothing to worry about.
10 Android Hidden Features
Watch this interesting if you have an Android phone. Here are some very useful tools and settings

The Windows 10 Start Menu has a lot going on. Fortunately, you can customize it and make it easier to navigate by choosing which folders appear, hiding apps, and using the menu full screen
Begin by Opening Settings, Click Personalization then START.
1.     Next Click the link Choose Which Folders Open on Start.  Turn Off Folders that you don’t want to have active. And Add Personal folder you wish to see
2.     Turn on Full Screen – now your Tiles will fill the screen making it easier to see
3.     Turn Off Apps. Make choices on which Apps you see from your Start tiles, choosing between seeing more Tiles, show the App list in the Start menu, and much more
Here’s a link from Kim Komandos’ site about this tip
To Recover Desktop icons. In the same control panel under Personalization Settings choose Themes. Here’s where you can reclaim those icons you had in previous versions of Windows
Themes > Related> Desktop icon settings.
From this panel select Desktop Icons such as Computer; User’s Files; Recycle Bin; etc……..