June’s Blogging  News

Summer Class Offering – Fun With Computers
Computer Classes at the
Anderson Senior  Center
2081 Frontier Trail, Anderson, CA  365 3254
Beginning Wednesday in June  at 10:30am till noon an exciting new class and approach to learning about computing will be offered by Cathy Calderone.
Students should have basic ability to ; Use a mouse, get on the Internet
Cathy Caderone
Program: This will by a fun oriented class learning about Free game programs, some cool and informative websites, On-line games , creating and  solving jigsaw puzzles.
You will be introduced to new ideas that will  stimulate your imagination and entertain you with new outlook on computing.
Class Format is Walk-In.  Hope to see you there

Find that Photo. Merge all your photos and videos with Google's New PHOTO APP

That was our challenge this week.  What tool can we use that would enable us to quickly find that photo we swore we could find anytime in the future
  It’s somewhere,  but what device ??   
A)    Your old smartphone , B) Your computer  C) Still on the memory card in the camera
D) A hard drive in your desk drawer  E) On some cloud service  F) None of the above
Personally I have both Apple and Google Cloud storage. However, Google’s own just announced  “ Photo app  “ for Android, iPhone and the Web can store all of your photos and videos free of charge. Google Photos is a better choice for all but serious photographers.  

Google’s Photo App for Android, iPhone and the WEB

Watch this You tube video for a better understanding of the new APP
Here you have unlimited storage at a high-quality but scaled –down , hopefully not in too destructive a fashion. However, you can upload at full resolution, and that limit has been upgraded. The new Assistant can help you organize and move through your collection of photos and videos. Using adjusters like pinching will help the view slide into a compact view. Reverse pinching or expanding your pinch you will reset the view to Years verses Weeks. You can also search by text search. The Assistant automatically organizes your
files  by things like flowers, cars or foods.  For example, I typed in Flowers . The program searched all my files, in the Cloud , on my  device and returned all my photos and videos on the subject flowers.
  Create an animation Choose several photos then choose to create a gif.   Create a story, Select a series of  photos, pulling location information then add contextual information and  Google’s app created the transitions , adds some music to complete the movie. All the photo are searched though your phone  ( if that’s where you started ) , then any devices , Google Drive to find matches.