Handouts will be distributed in the classroom for every session. You’re welcome to ask questions during the class or send me a question before hand to

Below are some Manuals for specific phones identified by students as theirs.

You can view these manuals. If you click on the bookmark icon, chapters will appear for you to quickly jump to a topic of interest.   And if you want to print just specific pages you can. Click on the Print icon> toggle to the Pages search box  >type the specific page you want to print>toggle to Color search box>click on the down arrow and choose Black and White. If you want to conserve you color ink, I suggest you not print in color.
Each one of these files are large so it  takes a while to load. You can download them to your phone, but they're large. These will stay here on this site so you can refer to them.

Samsung Galaxy  J3V 

Samsung S4 T-Moblie type

LG -G5 Manual and User’s Guide

iPad Manual

COURSE AGENDA. These are planned topics to demonstrate and use during our workshop periods. You can request by number or title. Address your email subject as Classroom

Description                                                                               No.

iphotography-Using  your Camera
Iphone/iPad Camera intro                                                  
When you lose it What Does this button do?                 012
FreeUp Space on Your Phone                                           86
Phone Setup                                                                   101
      Set Phone for hearing impaired - PDF file

Trusted Friends                                                                    108
How Do I Find Stuff on my Phone                                  122
Facebook                                                                              205
Rebooting                                                                             217
Airplane mode                                                                    218
Talk and browse at the same time                                     221
Smartphone copy and paste                                                223
             Tethering and Bluetooth                                                    224
Download App for barcode and QR codes                       225
Mobile hotspot with PDFnet                                               226
Geotag Setting on Android and iPhone                            251
Homescreens and Apps                                                        258
Favorite Apps                                                                           272
Talk to your device ; navigate, memos                             279
Video :

iPhone Home screens                                                            281
Iphone/ipad Add contact                                                     282
Iphone touchscreen basics                                                  283
Personal hotspot with iPad – free                                      285
Iphone Websites as Icons on home screens                    315
Android /iPhone Settings and how to Find them           317
Android /  iphone Power button                                        318
Google Maps; navigate with iPhone , Androids              319
Android; Make Folders, Adding Widgets                          320
Android Connecting to the internet with Cellular or Wi-Fi             322
Use this google free product

Android Camera Intro                                                           323
Cloud Computing; Picasa, Dropbox,OneDrive                 325
Printing Calendar with iPhone/Android                            333
Printing with or without an Airprint                                   334
Importing photos from phone camera to Tablet            335
Alphabetize Apps on iPhone/Android              336
Ipad Pro  50 Tips and Tricks
 What is meant by Long press , short press, pinching and right click. How to copy and paste, use the Clip tray and more

 How to make a keyboard appear. How to make is disappear. How to dictate a message or eMail.Use the Swype keyboard to  make other key appear. And more
 The Home Button - Video 

Where are they, and how to set them 

 Freeing up Space on your Device (what are Gigabytes, what is cloud storage) Video

 How do I Back up my Phone: Cloud, Upload/Download, Sync, Show  how to use Notes
Dictate instead of type your message, notes, etc
 Use your Google Account to store stuff.
Essential to setup Contacts and Photo backups
Using Google photos on iPhone and Android.

Episode 2

·        Sleep/Wake and Lock
·        Voice Control of camera
·        Organizing Home screens
·         Freeing Up Space
·        Searching – on  Androids and iPhones or iPads

LG Instructions  For  Home settings

Here’s the steps to put the Apps / Widget back to the Home screen and also have the Google search box on the home screen. There’s no explanation to tell you the Google Search box will appear as well as the icon to appear for the settings of both widgets and Apps.
Goto Display Settings >Choose Home screen>Select Home>          Now turn on Home with separate Apps lists

Episode 3  

Find how your Apps Usage- on iPhones and Androids
Find your Manual to solve your issues
HDR – what it is on your Camera
Photo Organization- Where’s my Photo?
Camera controls- Find how you can create collages, or different combinations of photos from your Photo Gallery. Warning; Not all phones can perform this task

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