July 2018

The only class continuing thru July is the Tuesday SmartPhone class for Seniors. Those dates are July3rd,  10th , 17th , and 31st

Smart Phone Class review

This month , Colly Lord who is a member of the Redding Computer Club answered our question about what tool can be used to capture a YouTube Video. He suggest using the google Chrome Webstore and finding their YouTube Downloader add-on. Follow the link below and ADD the extension to the Chrome browser.


Free Video Downloader from Youtube allows you to download any video you want from Youtube . This is used with Google Chrome or FireFox as an extension of that browser.

Steps to Using this tool
After installing the extension, it will appear in the right upper corner of your browser. When you are in YouTube just float your mouse over the icon and you will se the title expressed as Youtube Downloader, click on it to activate.
A drop-down window appears of file type selections. Select one, I used the first in the series 720p video/mp4. The movie starts to play, Stop it by hitting the space -bar. Now click on the 3dots on the far right side below the video and choose “download” .  Just as you do this, the windows changes and File Explorer appears showing the files in your PC.  Navigate to the file folder you wish to save your Youtube Video in. Follow the prompts to save.  
click the 3dots to save video

File Explorer to save  download  video
 Click  on the icon from the toolbar next to the 3dots on the top right of the screen. This forces a drop-down window to choose what file type to create and where to put it. When you choose the file type, it then opens your PC in file explorer. You direct where you want that file saved. 
Actually, if you click on the 3dots before you hit download, you will jump to File Explorer where you can direct the download

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