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Spring   2019 April 

Scheduled Tuesday Classes at 12:30pm - 2pm  by Jane Quinns are;  Smartphones Class May 7th, June 4th  cancelled , July 2nd  Windows 10 Class May 14th, June 11th, July 9th

youtube viewing Tip:IF YOU'RE UNABLE TO CLEARLY HEAR THE video YOu can use the help tools  that appear below on the title bar.Clicking on the "CC" will INVOKE closed caption if that's available. Otherwise, you can 
  click the 3dots symbol to the far right for the drop down menu. Click on Transcript. You will see the text belonging to the movie appear. It is in time sequence for you to follow along. 

Making Memories 

 Today's technology makes it easy to create a memory beyond just photos. With today's smartphones and cameras it's easy to record a video or record your voice.
 And Windows 10 let's you edit a video and create a file in MP4, MOV or WMV format. Each is able to UpLoad to YouTube , or post to the Cloud in a Blog, or eMail in some cases.
It would be so unfortunate not to take advantage of these tools you have to make a memory .  If not for you , think of your grand children or your spouse who would enjoy those recorded  moments. Today's technology makes it easy.  I suggest using Facebook movies, movies made from your Smartphone, or movies made from your camera.
Upload your personal video to YouTube
First you must create an account on YouTube to manage your videos. Then you can Upload your MP4 , or MWV movie to your Youtube account. The term that is use is Your Channel. It is similar to managing a Blog. And basically you create your own space on YOUTUBE, that you upload your videos . You can make them Private or Public.
Get to your video manager with your google account

 Your YouTube account is where you will upload your videos and manage the settings for them.  How to get to your video manager in the new beta studio on youtube.

Tip: if you cannot hear the person speaking you can always click on the CC below the video to turn on Closed Caption text

How to find the video manager on your YouTube channel. February 2019

Upload your video TO YOUR VIDEO MANAGER

Creating a Playlist of your videos will make it easy for your viewers to watch all your clips. They will be able to jump from one video to another easily, and you will have more viewers because you made it easy to use.

Save Video from Facebook to your PC or device

1.       Play the video that you would like to download
2.       While it’s playing, right click  on it and select  “show Video URL “
3.       Copy the video URL and STOP the video player
4.       Go to your browser , open a new tab, then pastes the video URL
5.       Change “www” to “m” and press  “Enter “ on your keyboard.
6.       Click on the video
7.       While it’s playing , right click on it and select  “ Save Video As”
8.       You can give it a name if you want, then choose a destination where to save it and press  the “Save “ button.
Click on the Youtube  Video for example of the steps



This quick method will let you upload you video to your YouTube account by sending an eMail 



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