June 2018

The Smartphone class will continue through Mid July. Jane Quinn holds this class.
We will  meet on June 19th, then skipping the 4th Tuesday ,  June 27th  to meet at the Redding Library with the Redding Computer Club at 3pm.   Also, scheduled to meet July 3, 17, and the last time is the  31stThis is open to the public. You're welcome to join us 
See you in the Fall

 The ONCE A month  Tuesday Class for newbees , the SMARTPHONES 101 is seeing a lot of new students. The first week in June 4th is the next class.   The basics are taught to those just new to smartphone. We cover the Home screen, Messaging, Touch Screen, Answering Calls, installing or deleting APPS and using Maps for directions. Bring your device and your questions.
ANDROIDS AND iPHONES FOR SENIORS  2nd, 3rd, and 5th week of the month. GOOGLE. For this class you must be using your device already. And you need to have your eMail and contacts established. We have just completed a 3-week course on Photography using your smartphone’s camera. It entailed; learning features of your smartphone camera, managing photos with Albums and using the cloud for storing and sharing your photos.

  You can always send your questions ahead before class to; one4cugr@gmail.com.   Just as a reminder, we do not meet on the 4th Tuesday.

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